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Social Qs, how to survive the quirks, quandaries, and quagmires of today, Philip Galanes - (alk. paper)

Table Of Contents
Introduction: not your mummy's advice column -- Getting ready -- When good hygiene goes bad : dog breath and B.O. and snot, oh my! -- Beauty experiments -- or, who died and made you Estee Lauder? -- If the shoe fits, it's ugly! : on fashion crimes and misdemeanors -- Getting there -- The court of public transportation : Judge Judy for a day! -- On the street : when strangers get a little strange -- Car(tastrophes) : or, see the USA in your own damn Chevrolet -- Getting down to business -- "Who's the boss?" : handling yours like they do on TV -- Taking the "woe" out of co-workers : just because you sit together doesn't make you besties -- Free at last! : after you've quit (or let's face it) been fired -- Getting online -- Step away from the keyboard! : on emails and text messaging -- Social networks : it's your party (but you still can't diss your sister) -- Online dating : when true romance is just 10 million clicks away! -- Getting along (with the folks we're stuck with) -- Neighbors and roomies : how can we miss them when they won't go away? -- Kids and parenting : when there aren't enough time-outs in a day -- If it's not one thing, it's your mother : finessing family friction -- Getting nickel-ed and dime-d -- Money isn't funny : why do you think we call it "cold, hard cash"? -- Getting love-y dove-y -- Crushing hard! surviving your infatuations -- Break-ups (and how not to) : learning from slap-happy Scarlett O'Hara -- Getting through our big days -- In the spotlight (at last!) : weddings, bar mitzvahs and special occasions -- Surviving the holidays : the gifts, the grannies and all that booze! -- Afterword: so, what do we do now?
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non fiction
First edition
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ix, 258 pages, illustrations, 19 cm.

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